Quincy Kitchen 1

Quincy Kitchen 1
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Fresh and cozy, Quincy kitchen gathers the liveliness of a soft blue lacquer and the vibrant nature of a textured oak tone. Its coastal inspiration translates into a soothing sunshiny and laid-back vibe that is inviting and welcoming. The use of a clean-cut design with straight lines and the predominance of shades of blue and gray add to the youthful nature of this ambiance.

Fior di pesco marble complements the cabinetry and floor tiles while black iron rectangular pulls contrast beautifully with both finishes, tying every detail together. Extremely practical and functional, Quincy kitchen is equipped with interior dish racks and plentiful compartments that allow for a clever and efficient use of every storage option. With a fondness for oceanic colors and natural décor, this set is a compact and quintessential kitchen refuge.

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