Eneida Kitchen 2

Eneida Kitchen 2
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Gentle and sweet, Eneida kitchen combines the colorfulness of a soft pink hue with the sobriety of a dark wood tone, while playing with tender splashes of gold. The established contrast accounts for the creation of a delightful kitchen set with a pop of color that will brighten up your days and allow for a dreamy atmosphere.

Despite its pure forms and linear contours, Eneida kitchen finds inspiration in classic designs, which are reflected in the use of textured oak and intricate ceiling frames. Adding to the dainty nature of this ambiance, estremoz white marble brings about the delicateness of the golden hue used for the door pulls, extractor fan, décor and floor details. Compact, welcoming and ready to fulfill all your sugar cravings, eneida kitchen wraps you in a valley of color, tenderness and delicate design.

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