Appeal tv unit

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With magnificent glamour, Appeal TV unit showcases its iconic silhouette with soft curvy lines emphasized by the stripe grey 2 wood veneer. The natural pattern that radiates from the central handles in brushed brass defines the moment where timeless materials meet contemporary design. An outstanding blend of materials and subtle details for any luxurious living room.

The exquisite Appeal TV unit comprises four doors: the central set of two that open with the central handles, as well as two smaller side doors with a push-pull opening system. The interior in a groove brown finish enriches the piece, offering a beautiful and soft chromatic contrast.

Meticulously crafted and resting on a compact, discreet base, this contemporary structure is finished with brushed brass outlines on the top and base, converting Appeal TV unit to a paragon of modern design.

This piece can be customized with different finishes that allow for the creation of unique pieces that blend with your interior decoration scheme.

See also Appeal cabinet and Appeal sideboard.

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