Amari kitchen 2

Amari kitchen 2-1
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In a serene fashion, Amari kitchen plays with color and shape, showcasing a balanced ambiance that bets on a mix and match of beige, brown, white and gray tones. Its modern and minimalist approach to design and décor results in a profound appreciation for geometric forms and diverse textures and the display of pieces that comprehend both a strong aesthetic appeal and a great deal of functionality.

The choice of a soft gray marble for the countertops and walls evidences the search for equilibrium and the desire to blend in and reveal the lightness of the white lacquer finish and the exquisite pattern of the floor tiles. The dark mirror used for the central cabinetry brings about the mystery and warmth of the soft grey palette, filling the environment with tranquility. Spacious and commodious, Amari kitchen is endowed with a convenient and useful pantry that allows for grocery and dish storage and a forward-looking dining area that comes in handy for a family meal.

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